An exhibition first


A world first! Not many times as creatives we get the opportunity to say this but we’re extremely proud to have designed the world’s first exhibition dedicated to football gaming. Working closely with EA Sports and Sports Interactive the museum has created something not only unique but completely playable from retro consoles to art installations.  Pitch to Pixel blurs the line between computer games and reality, building an immersive 3D world with a brand based on their own inspiration concept ‘from pixel to polygon’. Bold colours run throughout the brand and exhibition graphics, replicating the screens of old retro machines to the latest computer hardware.

The ‘pixel to polygon’ design concept has been implemented throughout all the creative, including branding, marketing materials and animation – which can be seen on digital outdoor sites across the city.


We have created a completely unique experience, bringing computer games to life in a 3D space whilst retaining the emotional attachment people have for football games. We already have big plans for inter-agency tournaments after all the practice we have had!

Here’s a great interview with the Football Museum’s John O’Shea in the Telegraph charting the rise of football gaming.

See the full project here